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Shop Rates

The shop rate is $85 per hour. We bill to the half hour and there is a 2-hour minimum. All billing is on Time and Materials Basis. We only bill for actual hours worked. If we estimate 4 hours and the job only requires 2 hours, the customer is billed for 2 hours. There is no “book says 4 hours, you pay 4 hours” program at Camaro-Restorations.

We require only 10% down to start work on your car. We take pictures throughout the process and bill on a weekly basis. Our shop rate is $85 an hour. We do quality work on small repairs to full frame off restorations, to maintenance on all driver and collector cars 1973 and older.


Materials and supplies will be billed with 10% mark-up. This mark-up will cover travel time, overhead and profit.


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